ReadySignOn helps businesses to thrive in the emerging experience economy by drastically reducing digital friction along the crucial path of user registration to sign-in to final checkout and payment. When it comes to user engagement we believe that every key stroke, every mouse click, and every screen tap matters. This is particularly true with small mobile devices where the prompts of a software keyboard instantly worsen the user experience. ReadySignOn has been designed to limit this kind of user-device interactions to an absolute minimum.

Friction 1: Lengthy registration

Lengthy registration and cumbersome login steps are the biggest hindrance in digital user engagement.

It's Ready!

Case no more with ReadySignOn as it allows instant user registration and sign-in with simple taps on user’s smartphone, smartwatch or tablets. There is no need to create username or password.

Friction 2: Username or email

Required by most websites username or email as the login ID can be used by malicious actors for user tracking or targeted hacking purpose.

No need to enter email or username

ReadySignOn allows the use of ReadyID during user registration and login. ReadyID is a dynamically generated relying party specific user identifier that can be used to cryptographically authenticate remote login requests with strong security and privacy protection.

Friction 3: Password

While most websites and applications require users to enter password during sign-in, passwords are not only cumbersome to use but also susceptible to many common cyber attacks.

No need to enter password

By eliminating user input of password, the login process not only becomes more pleasant to end users but it will also be highly resistant to common cyberthreats.

Awkwardness 1: QR scan

ReadySignOn avoids the use of the obscure QR codes which are vulnerable to image substitution attacks due to its human incomprehensible nature. Besides, in many places awkward camera scans are either outright unacceptable or just downright unpleasant. ReadySignOn enables a more natural, intuitive, and elegant user experience with exceptionally strong security and privacy protection.


ReadySignOn uses ReadyTicket to provide a natural, intuitive and snappy user experience. ReadyTicket not only is more secure, less error prone but can also be easily communicated over the phone to support secure third-party remote login use cases.

Friction 4: Device registration

Each authenticator device must be registered or bond on its first use. User either needs to carry additional device or must sign in from a compatible terminal.

No extra device to carry

Works with user’s primary iOS or Android devices. It’s possible to authenticate conveniently by simply tapping on smart wearables.

Limitation: Local login only

Cannot be used on Kiosk, public terminals, virtual machines, or over remote desktops. Does not support delegated use-cases, local authentication only.

Secure login from anywhere

Zero footprint authentication enables safe sign-in from Kiosk or shared terminals. Supports delegated remote account access without having to share credentials.

Friction 5: Checkout & payment

Require filling in billing and shipping information or signing in and going through multi-step checkout and payment process.

Instant checkout with readyPay

Super fast checkout using mobile pay from any device. No need to fill in billing, shipping or payment information in browser if they are already secured in wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Just tapping on your smart mobile device to authorize payment to checkout.