We believe all serious privacy practices should first minimize the collection of information to only those needed in order to complete a particular online transaction. This is why ReadySignOn uses cryptographic user identifiers to provide strong protect ion of online user activities from being tracked by websites or by identity providers.

Benefits of ReadyID authentication
  • The use of verifiable but unintelligible cryptographic identifiers by websites and applications for identifying and authenticating registered users.

  • A third party or a group of colluding parties cannot determine whether multiple account identifiers belong to the same person without cooperation from the account owner.

  • A user is able to prove ownership as well as relationships of identified accounts without having to reveal his permanent global ID or natural person identity.

  • A user is able to reveal his permanent global ID without also revealing accounts associated with that ID.

  • A service operator can have the ability to verify and attest the ownership of a given ID associated with that particular service but cannot verify or produce identifiers of the same user at other services.