The ReadySignOn app enables password-free login, strong privacy protection, and superior security.

The most comprehensive and exhaustively thought-out identity solution.

Device Verification

On the iOS platform, it can leverage the keychain, Touch ID or Face ID for device ownership verification and guard against unauthorized data access. It also supports time and location-based auto-locks. For more demanding use cases it’s possible to use direct brain passphrase-based encryption instead of (or in addition to) the device authentication offered by the platform.

Holistically Encrypted

Data within the app is always holistically encrypted using AES256. This includes all metadata such as icons and images etc. so to ensure absolute zero leakage of sensitive information managed in this app.

User Consent

The app always asks for explicit user consent before any bit of information can be extracted from its encrypted vault. There is no automatic data sync from this app to the cloud, nor is there any hidden “convenient” backup of the vault. The app encrypts all information in its local database with no network connectivity required.

Available on a variety of devices.

The ReadySignOn app is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and Apple Watches to get the best user experience and the most out of our app.

About Our Vault Security

Unmatched Security Through Multi-Layered Protection


Holistic encryption of secure vault including all meta-data using AES256


Additional direct bitwise of all sensitive fields with high entropy keys for the true paranoids


Transparent disk encryption for at rest data protection and instantaneous remote wipe


Biometric device access control

ReadySignOn stores user information in its secure vaults which are encrypted at the lowest level of the underlying database as opposed to being at the table or record level. This holistic encryption approach ensures that not only the user data is encrypted but so is the metadata used for data management and operations as well. Images and icons used in records are treated as part of the user data and thus are encrypted as well. ReadySignOn uses AES256 symmetric key encryption algorithm with a randomly generated salt for each vault. This encryption is applied on top of the data protection encryption performed by the iOS itself. Additionally, information marked as sensitive is further protected using OTP encryption with individual keys derived from random salts and user passphrases before the AES256 encryption is applied. These measures are always carried out by the app regardless of the security settings of the app. The app employs a design that combines the strength of the different security mechanisms by first splitting the decryption key into different pieces then protecting each piece using a different security mechanism provided by the iOS. Because a complete decryption key is required in order to open the vault, a successful attack must defeat all iOS mechanisms employed by the app as opposed to just overcoming a single vulnerable point. 

Enhanced Security Mode

Without Enhanced Security the ultimate strength of the app’s data protection hinges on the soundness of the underlying system. When Enhanced Security is enabled, the decryption key is not saved anywhere on the device, therefore even a successful bypass of the app’s security mechanism still won’t yield any information encrypted in the vault. Once the vault is locked, its encrypted content cannot be read without the decryption key. Because the key is not saved on the device, the app must prompt the user for the brain password every time it needs to access the vault, hence more security but less convenience. In order to complement the latter under the Enhanced Security mode, the app allows the user to define time and/or spatial constraints and is able to hold the vault’s decryption key in memory as long as these constraints are being satisfied. Enhanced Security mode affords the end-user more control in striking a good balance between security and convenience.

What else ReadySignOn has to offer in security
  • Enables pattern, alphanumerical, and special character passwords

  • Does not store password data

  • Can be rotated for ease of use

  • Utilizes custom number schemes rather than username and password credentials

  • Seamlessly login on mobile devices

  • Customizable refresh rate

You can edit the refresh rate within the settings of the app.

Your ReadyTicket is visible at the top of your device.

Specifically, ReadyIdentity enables:

  • The use of verifiable but unintelligible cryptographic identifiers by websites and applications for identifying and authenticating registered users.

  • A third party or a group of colluding parties cannot determine whether multiple account identifiers belong to the same person without cooperation from the account owner.

  • A user is able to prove ownership as well as relationships of identified accounts without also revealing his static global Internet ID.

  • A user is able to reveal his global Internet ID without also revealing the ownership of all accounts associated with that ID.

  • A service operator can have the ability to verify and attest a given user a subscriber of that particular service but cannot have the user’s exclusive ability to produce identifiers and authentication keys for other services.

Other Special Features:

For Individuals
For Companies
  • Stronger than your average MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) solutions
  • Strongest user privacy protection using dynamic site-specific cryptographic pseudonymous user identifiers

  • Support seamless remote desktop website authentication using the free mobile app with 100% bypass of desktop and its communication channel (so goodbye keyloggers, malware phishers and URL spoofers)

  • Verifiable encrypted exports with 1000, 000 PBKDF2 iteration count

  • Static cryptographic user identifiers using RSA2048

  • Dynamic RP specific cryptographic user identifiers using ECC384

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