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For Website Operators and App Developers

Get Your Employees on the Path to Total Security.

Step 1 – Download the App for FREE

The ReadySignOn application is supported on tablets, smartphones, and Apple Watches.

After its downloading, you can start using this app right away. No registration is required. No email, phone number or device information is collected. You can use the app in offline mode if you’re absolutely paranoid (and you should be) about unauthorized collection of information. No ads in this app and it shall remain to be free. Let’s get started!

Step 2 – Creating a Master Password

Remember one password. That’s it.

No more forgetting passwords. Your employees’ master password will be the only password they’ll need to know as the ReadySignOn app will remember the rest. Your employee will only need to use their master password when “Enhanced Security Mode” is enabled because our app takes advantage of the latest in device technology. On the iOS platform, it can leverage your employees’ smartphones’ face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and iCloud Keychain for device authentication which eliminates the need for passwords under basic use. Each employee will create their own account and master password to access their own dashboard of records.

Fingerprint Authentication

Face Recognition

iCloud Keychain

Step 3 – How to Use, Share, and Control the ReadySignOn App

The ReadySignOn app comes with many powerful functions and features that were aimed at making the digital lives easier for online users and the nefarious jobs harder for cybercriminals. It was our belief that a truly trustable security design should be easily explainable, understandable, and testable by anyone who is interested in knowing its inner workings.

  • Employee Accounts – Each employee will be given their own account to add and share sites and credentials. They’ll be able to customize their account, add important company information, and create notes to keep them safe. Employees can sort their credentials so it’s simple to separate company and personal accounts.

  • Adding and Sharing Records – Employees will be able to add, edit, and share credentials. As an employer, you can limit who sees information by sharing passwords with only those who need it. You can take it a step further by limiting access to specific times of the day.

  • In-App Templates – The app comes with 70+ built-in templates for the world’s most popular websites and 1000 more through downloadable packages. It also allows employees to create new templates without any limit.

  • Password Autofill – The ReadySignOn app captures employee passwords (with their consent) so that when they return to the site, the ReadyOpen autofill feature will automatically fill in credentials.

Step 4 – Using ReadyTicket to Log In

Once you’ve added a website with your credentials to the ReadySignOn app, you will be able to use ReadyTicket to safely and conveniently log in to the site. The video provides a simple walk-through of how to log in to a WordPress site with ReadyTicket. Once you’ve accessed the login screen for WordPress and have signed into the ReadySignOn app, you will be able to see the login button labeled “Login with ReadyConnect”. Once you click on this button, it will redirect you to a second login page that will ask for your ReadyTicket. Type your ReadyTicket here and click “Ready”. The login page will wait for a maximum of 30 seconds for you to confirm the request on your mobile device. Make sure that the sentinels on your mobile device and on the login page match and accept the request. You will now be logged into your WordPress site with your ReadyID at the top right corner of the dashboard.

  • Login with ReadyConnect

  • Enter your ReadyTicket

  • Be sure that the sentinels match

  • Confirm login on your mobile device

Logging In On Different Devices:

We put an emphasis on security.

Learn more about why the ReadySignOn app is the best option for company-wide password management.

Learn More About Our Security

Why Choose Our App?

Keep Company Notes

Employees will be able to add notes and documents to the ReadySignOn app for safekeeping, and they’ll be able to share them with other employees.

Available Everywhere

The ReadySignOn app is available anytime, anywhere on smartphones, tablets, and Apple Watches. The app is completely capable and versatile on each platform. Check the App Store to see more screenshots on each device.

Individual Accounts

Every employee gets their own account and master password when they download the app. The ReadySignOn app makes it easy to differentiate between personal and business accounts within the dashboard.

Limit Employee Access

Share passwords with only those who need it and limit site access to specific times of the day. Employees will also be able to share credentials amongst themselves the safe, secure way.

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