Use mobile device to sign in with ease

No need to enter password or username

Start your passwordless future now

Step 1Download the ReadySignOn or QuickSignOn app

While the ReadySignOn app is optimized for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch the QuickSignOn app is available FREE for both iOS and Android devices

After its downloading, you can start using this app right away. No registration is required. No email, phone number or device information is collected either. You can use the app in offline mode if you’re absolutely paranoid (and you should be) about unauthorized collection of information.

Step 2 – Enable ReadyTicket

ReadySignOn uses ReadyTicket to provide a natural, intuitive and classy user experience. ReadyTicket not only is more secure, less error prone but can also be easily communicated over the phone to allow third-party remote login use cases.

ReadyTicket also allows users to approve authentication requests intuitively and conveniently on their wearable devices by simply tapping on the wrist.

Step 3 – You’re Ready!

The ReadySignOn app comes with many powerful functions and features, following are just a few examples:

  • Add and Edit records – Users are able to add or edit records that contain account login information and credentials.

  • ReadyTicket – Users can enable/disable ReadyTicket, set the length and frequency of its refresh rate and force a ticket at anytime ty tapping on it.

  • Search, filter and manage records in bulk – By using the deep search function or by using the list indexer user can quickly locate a specific record with ease.

  • Quick lock of vault – User can quickly lock the vault (erase the decryption key) by tapping on the pad-lock at the top-left corner of the main page.

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