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Download the ReadySignOn app and enjoy the whole new login experience with a single tap on your smart device.

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 Unified secure identity and authentication solution with strong user privacy protection and password bypass using free mobile app

  • ReadySginOn mobile app – An enterprise-grade, feature-rich generic mobile authenticator that can  be easily leveraged by existing websites or apps either locally or remotely over the Internet to allow expedited user registration and login without a password. The combination of password bypass and segregated communication channel used by the ReadySginOn mobile app effectively renders various popular online attacks (key loggers, URL phishing etc.) unworkable, at least with the common settings they have thrived under. A detailed list of the functions and features of the ReadySigOn app can be found at here:
  • ReadyConnect – Is OpenID Connect with extended support of login using smart mobile devices. ReadyConnect allows easy integration of websites and the ReadySignOn app. It provides three different modes and several workflows to ensure its compatibility with legacy, modern and future-proof web technologies.
  • ReadyIdentity – Is our game-changing answer to the privacy needs of all future websites and mobile apps. It uses patent pending technology to dynamically generate cryptographic user identifiers to pseudonymously identify users at each relying party.  ReadyIdentity renders various user tracking and cross-site shadow attacks unworkable by ensuring user information used by each site or application is irreversibly unique only to that specific site or application. So no more unwitty sharing of same user information across different relying parties. Specifically ReadyIdentity enables:
    • The use of verifiable but unintelligible cryptographic identifiers by websites and applications for identifying and authenticating registered users.
    • A third party or a group of colluding parties cannot determine whether multiple account identifiers belong to a same person without cooperation from the account owner.
    • A user is able to prove ownership as well as relationships of identified accounts without also revealing his static global Internet ID.
    • A user is able to reveal his global Internet ID without also revealing the ownership of all accounts associated with that ID.
    • A service operator can have the ability to verify and attest a given user a subscriber of that particular service but cannot have the user’s exclusive ability to produce identifiers and authentication keys for other services.
  • ReadyOpen – is our technology that enables seamless same device mobile app login using  inter-app communication.
  • ReadyAction – is a feature of the ReadySignOn app that enables same device mobile website login credential autofills.
  • ReadyTicket – is also a feature of the ReadySignOn app that supports first-class smart phone and smart watch authentication experience using user customizable numbering schemes instead of scanning QR codes which are inherently susceptible to image substitution attacks. ReadyTicket also allows watch unlock and on-wrist website sign-in experience.
  • ReadyMembers – is a OpenId Connect/ReadyConnect identity provider built to work with technologies listed above. Relying parties registered with ReadyMembers will automatically gain the ability to authenticate members using popular social login providers such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Twitter etc.