Ridiculously Easy  |  Absurdly Secure

The right approach to eliminate passwords.


Ridiculously Easy  |  Absurdly Secure

The right approach to eliminate passwords.


No more passwords

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Single Integrated Solution

For consumers and end users

  • Single-tap login experience
  • Unrivaled security (read how)
  • No need to key in password
  • No need to key in username or email
  • No sign-in data to steal from the login terminal
  • Express checkout using mobile payment on any device
  • No billing information to fill
  • No shipping information to fill
  • Maximum privacy protection (read how)
  • ReadyTicket – A natural, intuitive and secure way to submit login requests from any online devices.

  • ReadyID – An innovative way of using cryptographic identifiers and digital signatures to authenticate users with strong built-in privacy protection.

  • ReadyFill – For supporting legacy websites and authenticating app logins on the same device, by filling in login credentials through system interface such as the iOS AutoFill Credential Provider Extension.

  • ReadyAction – For supporting legacy websites and authenticating browser based logins on the same device, by filling in login credentials on the sign-in page through system interface such as the iOS Action Extension.

  • ReadyPay – For allowing low-friction express checkouts on websites and within applications by leveraging mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay on any device.

  • ReadyOnWatch– A companion app along with a custom watch face complication for wearable devices such as the Apple Watch to allow users to respond authentication requests as simple as a tap on their wrist.

  • Secure Vault – AES256 encrypted vaults with a built-in credential generator and specialized full-screen keyboard designed for easy and secure entering of brain passphrases. Additional record management and security features make this authenticator app a super password manager for those who still need to work with websites that are yet Ready to ditch the passwords.

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For websites and app developers

  • Versatile OAuth/OpenID based integration
  • Social login providers can be added with a single click
  • Public-key digital signature based session authentication
  • Low-friction checkout
  • Automatic cross-platform Apple Pay and Google Pay support
  • Same device direct app integration via ReadyOpen URL scheme
  • Legacy website remote password secure autofill
  • Same device app login credential secure autofill
  • ReadyConnect – An authentication protocol based on industry standard OpenID Connect with mobile authenticator support for easy integration of websites and applications with identity providers.

  • ReadyMembers – A ReadyConnect identity provider that allows third-party websites and apps to integrate with the ReadySignOn or QuickSignOn mobile authenticator as easily as integrating with any other OpenID Connect identity provider.

  • Built-in support of common Social Login Providers – Websites that integrate with ReadyMembers via ReadyConnect also automatically gain the ability to authenticate users through popular social login providers such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Login with Apple and many others with the clicks of checkboxes.

  • ReadyOpen – For direct integration of ReadySignOn with apps running on the same device using custom URI scheme that supports inter-app deep links.

  • ReadyPay – Provides low-friction express checkout using mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay or Google Pay to eCommerce websites.

  • Open source plug-ins, packages and sample code – Demonstrate how leverage the solution in sample websites and apps for different use cases.

  • Dedicated support – To assist critical system integration needs we offer either on-site hands-0n implementation or remote consulting services. For further information please contact us to find out more.

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Real security demands simplicity, clarity and transparency over complexity and obscurity.

Following these principles ReadySignOn was created with openness in mind and without ambiguity in design. It’s able to deliver superior security and privacy protection by limiting user input during the registration and login process to an absolute bare minimum, transforming these critical engagement points into experiences that are both snappy and foolproof.

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Built on the robust ReadySignOn foundation our free QuickSignOn app offers the same core functionalities found in the powerful ReadySignOn iOS app without the extra bells and whistles. It leverages the same backend services and interfaces when integrating with websites and apps and it’s available in both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

Friction Stops

Lengthy registration and cumbersome sign-in requirement are the main source of digital resistance to user conversions. ReadySignOn is designed to promote instant online user engagement so users no longer get bounced at the door steps of your website.

Mobile Centric

ReadySignOn promotes a decentralized model where user information is to be kept in user’s own hands as opposed to the practice of storing large set of sensitive user records in centralized databases, which undoubtedly incentivizes mass hacking and data breaching attempts.

No QR Scan

ReadySignOn avoids the use of the obscure QR code, which may be susceptible to image substitution attacks due to its human incomprehensible nature. Also, in many places awkward camera scans are either outright unacceptable or less than desirable at its best. ReadySignOn enables a natural, intuitive and classy user experience.

Game-Changing Privacy Measure

One-way cryptographic identifiers plus two-way verification scheme are our answers to the ever worsening privacy abuses. ReadyID is a dynamically generated website specific user identifier with cryptographic attributes that allow it to be used as a public key for digitally signing authentication sessions as well as for proving user identity assertions with minimum release of user’s personal data.

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